of the poor elderly are widows.
of people who have lost their spouse are widows.
of widows over the age of 65 years live alone.
of persons aged 65 years and older are widows.

Comprehensive Financial Help – Advice and Implementation

List of Services

  • Organizing all financial documents
  • Reviewing legal documents such as wills, and trusts
  • Determining spousal benefits from pensions, social security, annuities, qualified plans and insurance policies
  • Preparing a basic plan that projects current and future living expenses and cash flow
  • Creating a comprehensive financial plan
  • Locating, and assisting with spousal 401(K) plans and other qualified retirement accounts
  • Determining the implications of keeping the family home
  • Establishing new cost basis on taxable assets
  • Setting up budget and financial management strategies using our proprietary on-line program

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Peggy’s Transition

Women comforting eachother


Peggy lost the love of her life. She was heartbroken, despondent, and afraid. At her first visit, she asked us many questions: Do I have enough money to live? Should I sell my house? Where did my husband keep our money? How do I handle the taxes? She felt alone and helpless, wondering why “he” had to go first.

Pile of papers


We instructed Peg to put any financially related paperwork she could find in a box and bring it to us at her upcoming appointment. We helped her find multiple banks accounts that Bob had maintained, stock certificates and savings bonds that were stashed away, and a 401K plan that was kept with Bob’s last employer. We handled all her account/equity registration changes; we helped her execute Bob’s life insurance payout, and we started teaching her about the fundamentals of finances.

Grandmother and granddaughter


Today, Peg still lives in her home of 35 years, she visits her grandchildren often, and she sometimes calls us to inquire about making a stock trade or gifting to one of her children. Peg is strong, comfortable and renewed.

Parting Thoughts...

An elderly woman looking sad and off in thought

"Don't isolate yourself after the passing of a loved one. The need for attachment and social contact lies deep within all of us. Although having time to ourselves is important, loneliness is a negative emotional state.
We may choose to spend time alone, but we don't choose to be lonely." ~ Dr. Robert Emmons

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
Helen Keller