A road map for life's detours book covers

Charting Your Course

Change can be unsettling. As we experience transitions in our lives, they are times of uncertainty. This book offers women insight into being financially
prepared for life-changing passages such as starting a family, changing jobs, getting a divorce, planning for retirement and dealing with the incapacitation or loss of a spouse/partner. Women facing these situations are able to chart their course when they possess the tools and information necessary to make the best decisions possible. As a Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ and Certified Financial Transitionist®, Carol Khouri shares her advice with women of all ages in her book A Road Map for Life’s Detours: Planning for the Unexpected.

Opening this book is the beginning to your more secure future. Chapter
checklists help you start preparing for your tomorrow, today!

Interested in having Carol speak to your group?

Not only does Carol provide individual consulting to each of her clients, she also gives presentations about
managing money to women of all ages. She is a speaker on planning for life's unexpected events.
Carol is often asked to run financial planning workshops for organizations and groups.

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Carol's Expertise

Financial Advisor in Lexington, MA

Carol M. Khouri, Principal, CFP®, CDFA™, CeFT® focuses on
securing and improving the lives of women affected by change.

Carol assists clients with their investment decisions, 401k selections,
buy/sell home evaluation, tax savings strategies, retirement timing, trust consideration,
social security election, Medicare choices, pension options, long-term care planning, college funding choices, debt matters, life insurance needs and more!

of our clients hire us to project cash flow and net worth to help them plan for their future.
of our clients use our online budgeting and financial management system so that they can better control their finances.
of our clients use our holistic tools and self-help worksheets to help guide them through difficult and emotional transitions.
of our clients have us create a financial plan for their future retirement.