of family wealth is gone by the second generation.
of Inheritors have not disclosed their assets to their children.
of American adults do not have a will or living trust.
of Americans do not feel the next generation is prepared to manage a large transfer of wealth.

Comprehensive Financial Help – Advice and Implementation

List of Services

  • Strategizing inheritance & estate taxes at the federal and state level
  • Evaluating the need for a trust vs a will
  • Determining a need for a irrevocable vs revocable trust
  • Recommending steps to ensure a smooth estate settlement
  • Preparing assets to avoid probate at death
  • Determining cost basis and capital gains on the sale of the family assets
  • Explaining executor and trustee responsibilities
  • Recommending strategies to manage family/friend expectations when dealing with sudden wealth
  • Creating a financial plan to grow and protect your inheritance
  • Creating an investment portfolio for a life insurance payout
  • Establishing boundaries and priorities for newfound wealth
  • Helping you create your personal legacy by establishing a charitable account with a designated trustee

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Lisa’s Legacy

Business people signing papersLisa is a mother of three children. Her greatest concern is having peace of mind knowing that upon her death, her estate will be divided equally among her children. She is also hopeful that her legacy will bring her children together. Since the death of their father, ill feelings divided the children. The two eldest children are doing well, Elizabeth is married to a successful entrepreneur, and Reece is a CFO in a manufacturing company. Lisa’s youngest son Jackson struggles with keeping a job and saving money.

Living trust and estate planning documentsAfter numerous meetings, we developed a plan that will distribute most of Lisa's money to her children. Working with an attorney, we created a trust for Jackson which will limit his access to funds until he is older and settled in life. Also, we set up a family gifting account so all the children will have to work together to make donations to local animal shelters and foundations, which means a lot to Lisa.

Woman enjoying time with dogToday, Lisa feels more in control. She has implemented a plan that will not only provide for her children but will have the children work together for a common cause to help animals. She created a legacy for herself and her family.

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