We work with newlyweds to help them with important considerations such as budgeting,  life insurance needs, planning for a family, joint registrations, and beneficiary designations. We also help young families evaluate investment and retirement account positions and make asset allocation recommendations to be sure each growing family is well served by an appropriate investment strategy. We create financial plans that grow with our clients, providing them with a road map to a more secure future.

We offer access to our premium financial management program at no cost to our clients. Budgeting is easy once you establish your account and automatically load your spending data.

Given appropriate data and assumptions, we have the tools, experience and expertise to look into the future to gauge your success or lack thereof if one of you wants to stay out of the work force.

of women return to work after having a child.
of married couples share chores.
of women say finding a partner with a steady job is very important for marriage.

Comprehensive Financial Help – Advice and Implementation

List of Services

  • Getting you organized – together (establishing new beneficiary designations/joint registrations, wills, etc.)
  • Opening retirement accounts
  • Recommending investment strategies for existing retirement accounts and advising on 401K fund selections
  • Recommending asset allocation for "do it yourself" investing
  • Setting up budget and financial management strategies using our proprietary on-line program
  • Evaluating the possibility of a stay at home parent
  • Analyzing home, auto, life and disability insurance needs
  • Creating a comprehensive financial plan
  • Assisting with debt control and poor credit scores
  • Evaluating employee benefit options (stock options, health, life, and accident insurance)
  • Assessing savings options for large purchases, children’s education, and/or retirement
  • Reviewing debt structure for mortgage refinancing, new home purchase, or increased line of credit
  • Establishing health care proxies and guardianship designations
  • Reviewing income tax filings and planning for tax reduction strategies

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Jen & Eric’s Success

Newlyweds being closeJen and Eric came to us because they wanted to start saving for their future. They had a modest savings account.  Eric had a 401(K) plan from his employer, but he needed help selecting investments that matched his risk tolerance. Jessica had an IRA account. Its lackluster performance troubled her; she wanted to make strategic changes to grow her portfolio. We worked with Jess and Eric to build a portfolio that worked for their family’s long-term goals.

Mother in kitchen with two kidsJen, a food scientist, wanted to leave the workforce when her twin daughters, Brittney & Sara, were born. It was a tough decision. Eric had a good paying job, but, he didn’t think they could manage without her extra income. So they asked us for advice. We started working on their plan, we helped them set up a budget. We asked many questions and crunched lots of data. When we were finally ready to run a couple of scenarios, we found one that worked! Jen was able to stay at home and bring up her girls.

Family jumping on the beachToday, the twins are 5 years old. The girls are ready for kindergarten and Jen is ready to get back into the workforce. We revisit Jen and Eric’s financial plan often so that they can continue to dream and work towards reaching their future goals.

Parting Thoughts...

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"Joy awakens all our senses, energizing our mind and body. Find joy in something you love, and remember to smile often. Happiness helps one become fully active and alert. Awaken the state of balance between yourself and the world; it is necessary for your sustainable well-being."  ~ Dr. R. Emmons

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." - Mignon McLaughlin